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    how to reserve courts ahead of time

    About CourtReserve:


    This is a website and an app that is free to use. You do have to make an account but you only pay when you are reserving a court. Reserving courts will be all online through the app and there will be no cash transactions allowed. You can pay with card in the Tennis office at Dellinger.

    Hours of Reservations

    Cost will be $5 per court for 2 hours


    Free play: Weekday mornings until 2pm


    Reservation Times: Weekdays 2pm-close and weekends at all times

    How to Use the App


    How To Reserve a Court:


    1. Click RESERVATIONS on the top right of your screen.

    2. Select Court section to see availability.

    3. Choose date by using the blue arrows or clicking the date in blue text at top of page.

    4. Choose court & time by clicking RESERVE button.

    5. Select Reservation Type (Open Rec Singles or Open Rec Doubles).

    6. Click SAVE.


    How To Cancel a Court:


    1. Click My Profile in upper right.

    2. Find date & time of upcoming reservation you wish to cancel. Click Details button on right.

    3. Click red CANCEL RESERVATION button in upper left.

    4. Click Cancel Reservation.

    New Office Hours (Dellinger Park Tennis)

    Starting January 6th, 2020


    Mondays: 2pm-9pm

    Tuesdays: 9:30am-7:30pm, closed from 12-1:30pm

    Wednesdays: 10am- 7:30pm, closed from 1-2pm

    Thursdays: 8:30am-7:30pm, closed from 1-2pm

    Fridays: 8:30-5pm, closed from 1-2pm

    Saturdays: 8:30am-12pm

    Sundays: 12:30-3pm