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Captain Duties & Creating a Team


Being the Captain


The Captain of the Team is one of the most valued players in the league, as it is through them, that our players continue to play and enjoy tennis. Captains who exhibit enthusiasm and sportsmanship, and are fair and encouraging to all of their teammates are the key to their team’s continued success. Many people are under the impression that being the captain is a time-consuming, complicated job. No statement could be further from the truth. It is knowing HOW to keep it simple that makes a great Captain and makes playing tennis fun and enjoyable.


Captain Responsibilities

  • Decide on the line-ups for the team

  • Make sure your team supplies balls for the match if you’re the Home Team

  • Give information and schedules to your players

  • Complete the scorecards with the other captain

  • Enter the scores in Tennis Link after the match

Directions on How to Create a Team!!


Captains play the league for free and are charged a tennislink fee of $3.
Captains will have one week to create their own team number through their USTA- My Tennis Page. 


Please follow the steps below to register for a team number.

  • Log into your mytennis page

  • Click on the "USTA League" tab

  • Go to the right hand side of the page where it says My Quick Links

  • Click on Online Team Creation

  • Fill in the following info: Section: USTA/Southern, District/Area: Georgia, Area: GA-Etowah Valley EVTA 

  • League: Adult Summer 18 or 40 & over, Facility-click search facility and put in the usta number for the facility you would like use as your home base.

  • Dellinger Park's (Cartersville Parks & Rec) USTA # 919362459, Hamilton Crossing's #2006803064, Calhoun's USTA #2003080427.  When the name of the facility appears on the page click on the facility.

  • You will then be prompted to pay and the team number will be created once you pay. You should only be charged $3

  • Your team number created will be the team number your players can register under. 

  • Players will not be able to register until the captains registration week is over.

  • Do not register to captain unless you are sure you will have a full roster. EVTA can help find extra players, but we can't put together entire teams.

  • Have your team sign-up using your new team number after Captains registration week is over.



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