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2021 League Calendar

All weekday matches are at 7pm​

Next league is in white font.

Fall/Winter 2020-21 Adult League

Sign-Up Dates:

October 12th-26th


November 9th-January 8th

Off Thanksgiving and Christmas Week


Winter 2021 Combo
Sign-Up Dates:

December 8th-January 8th

Play: Jan. 18th- March 5th

Mondays: All 6.5s

Tuesdays: All 8.5s

Thursdays: All 5.5 and 7.5

Mixed Doubles League

Sign-Up Dates:

Feb. 8th-28th

Play: March 15th-April 30th

Mondays: 6.0 and 8.0

Tuesdays: 5.0

Wednesdays: 40 and Over

Thursdays: 7.0


Sign Ups: April 15th-30th

Play: May 15th-June 30th

Mondays: All 6.5s

Tuesdays: All 5.5s and 7.5s

Wednesdays: All 8.5s

Adult League

Play: July 5th-August 13th

Sign Ups: June 1st-15th

Monday's: 3.5s

Tuesday's: 3.0

Wednesday's: 4.0

Thursday's: 2.5


Play: September 13th-October 22nd

Sign Ups: August 16th-27th

Monday's: 6.0 and 8.0

Tuesday's: 5.0

Wednesday's: 40 and over

Thursday's: 7.0


Play: November 8th-December 17th

Sign Ups: October 11th-October 22nd

Mondays: All 6.5s

Tuesdays: All 5.5s and 7.5s

Wednesdays: All 8.5s

2022 League Calendar


Play: January 3rd- February 11th

Sign Ups: December 13th-31st


Play: February 28th-April 11th

Sign Ups: January 17th-28th


Play: April 18th-May 27th

Sign Ups: March 21st-April 1st


Play: June 13th-July 22nd

Sign Ups: May 16th-27th


Play: August 8th- September 16th

Sign Ups: July 11th-22nd


Play: October 3rd-November 11th

Sign Ups: September 5th-16th


Play: November 28th-

Sign Ups: October 31st-November 11th